Antti "Wusakko" Kuusisto

I'm software developer and designer who specializes in metaverse(s), extended reality (XR/VR/AR/MR), user experience (UX) and games (gamification). I have developed software and games since 2004 and extended reality since 2014.

Since 2014, I have been working in different positions related to positions of trust, communities, educational or voluntary. Currently I'm FIVR board member.

As paid work, I have done fullstack web development and extended reality, games and gamification. Currently I'm working as consultant in the area of modern automotive HMI development.

In addition to paid work, I'm eager to brainstorm and produce my own projects. Projects are softwares, usually related to extended reality and games. For me, my hobby is my work and my work is my hobby. I will do my work with passion. I am also competitive strategy game enthusiast.

I have bachelor’s degree in information technology (software production). I have done my thesis related to extended reality in 2015. At the moment I'm studying master's degree programme in Technology Competence Management. Subject of my thesis might be related to XRCube.

I feel like I'm software developer and designer mixed with skillset for project leading, teaching and networking. I'm always looking for collaborators so I can continue improving my skillset and be involved in something cool. Collaboration can be paid work or just interesting voluntary work. I'm open to all suggestions.

My Curriculum vitae can be found in english or in finnish

I'm happy to share password to even more comprehensive presentation about me

work-related biography

(finnish only)


My work routine is 8:00 to 16:00.

I use 6 hours of that for my dayjob.

Those 2 hours can be negotiable

What I can offer

General XR consulting, introduction or teaching

XR software development, design or research

XR project management

XR sales (technical) support 

Immersive virtual events

Device purchase consultation

Environment building