Antti "Wusakko" Kuusisto

I'm software developer, designer and researcher who specializes in extended reality (XR/VR/AR/MR), user experience (UX) and games (gamification) with Unity. I have developed software since 2004. I started my software development as a game developer. I have also developed, designed and researched extended reality since 2014.

I have bachelor’s degree in information technology (software production). I have done my thesis related to extended reality in 2015.

Since 2014, I have been working in different positions related to positions of trust, communities, educational or voluntary. I am the chairman of a Game Development Society of Seinäjoki. I am active FIVR member. I have taught game development and extended reality.

As paid work, I have done front and backend software development and now few years extended reality, games and gamification.

In addition to paid work, I am eager to brainstorm and produce my own projects. Usually they are also related to extended reality and games. For me, my hobby is my work and my work is my hobby. I don’t always know where the line goes. So I will do my work with passion. I am also competitive strategy game enthusiast.

I want to improve my professional skills related to the extended reality and other new technologies. I feel like I'm extended reality developer and researcher mixed with skillset for project management and teaching.

I'm always looking for collaborators so I can continue improve my skillset. Collaboration can be paid work, academic study, voluntary work or all the above. I'm open to all suggestions.

I'm currently laid off from my work. I'm not so actively looking for new job, as I take my studies forward. However, I'm interested hearing project offers that I can combine subject of the master's thesis. Subject will be related to my XRCube.