What it is now:
Unity baseproject which helps to create small extended reality projects for Oculus Quest (1 & 2) faster and easier.

Usable with hands or controllers.

What it will be:
Part of my Master's thesis.

Usable with mobile AR devices (smartphones and tablets) in addition to Quest .
Open source (on some level).

What it might be:

Ecosystem to create, share and experience extended realities created inside XRCube or with Unity baseproject.

Tool to teach extended reality.

Usable with every XR device.

Multi-user environment.

#01 Construct

"Construct" is reality to load other realities made with XRCube.
It is the foundation of the XRCube.
It is the main menu of the XRCube.

#02 XRCube Intro

"XRCube intro" is a brief introduction to XRCube, its projects and what can be currently done.

This project is still work in process.

#03 Level 33

"Level 33" is my virtual curriculum vitae.

It is be based on my work-related biography.

It is currently on hold and will be updated from time to time.

Original idea is based on my Level 30 project.

#04 The Concepts of the Reality

"The Concepts of the Reality" is virtual version of the physical painting "The Senses of the Reality".

It is reality to think about "what is real?" and "how do we define real?".

There is simplified AltspaceVR version free to test.

#XX Your Extended Reality

Do you want help to start creating your own reality?

Do you want me to create it for you?

Do you need consulting about extended reality generally?